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Client: Bon Secours St. Francis Health System​, Greenville, SC


Target Voice: Sports Medicine Specialist offering advice in monthly article to avoid injury and to promote St. Francis' assistance in the South Carolina Upstate area. 


As the winter chill fades and the sun peaks out more, we can see spring making its way in. And what does that mean for all of you fitness junkies out there? Another triathlon is on the way, and you can finally take yourself off the treadmill and start running the trails, biking the streets, and (maybe) swimming those laps! Let’s take a look at key ways to avoid injuries within each triathlon activity.

When training, it is easy to take it too far and find yourself in an injury. In fact, almost half of all runners are injured at some point during a given year. Rather than stretching previous to your run, which can actually slow you down, stretch at the end and give yourself a cool down period. When running a long distance, focus on a consistent stride. At the end of the race it’s easy to want to sprint, but this can cause harsh injuries to your already tired muscles. 

You and your bike are going to be spending a lot of time together for the next few months as you train, so become well acquainted with it. Begin by making sure that your bike is a good fit for you and up to par for the race. You can get a bike fitted for you to make it more comfortable and functional as you ride. Pump up your tires to the recommended level every time you ride, as you would be surprised at what a difference your tire pressure can make. The right clothing equipment is equally important as we suggest wearing bike shorts to pad your body as you ride. And lastly, don’t forget to stretch! Cycling can be hard on the knees and back so it is important to prevent injury in that way.

When swimming, one needs to think back to the basics and perfect their form before going forward. And although dehydration is the last thing you think of while you swim laps, the body does burn water and it’s necessary to drink during and after your swim. With range of motion as a key factor to push you ahead in your swim, remember to stretch following the workout to avoid any injury.

St. Francis Sports Medicine
Bon Secours St. Francis is proud to be affiliated with highly experienced and highly trained orthopedic physicians and surgeons. If you feel it's time to see someone about your injury, call 675-HURT, or you can find a Sports Medicine physician at

Breaking Down Your Triathlon

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Conan and Community

Black coffee with a dash of skim milk and Splenda. Two years ago this coffee order was ingrained in my brain as I interned at Conan O’Brien’s TBS late night comedy show on the Warner Brothers Lot in Los Angeles. Everyday around 4:00pm I would travel into the “Central Perk” of the WB lot and get the “Boss” his coffee. But I took away so much more than Conan O’Brien’s coffee order

 As a general production intern my duties ranged from these coffee runs, organizing fan mail, and even helping with rehearsals and remote shoots. Basically, anything and everything. While the work can come across as typical Hollywood “grunt” work, it never really felt like it. The environment, the people, and the show itself acted as a motivation and compensated for the sometimes trivial tasks. I was part of Team Coco.

Last week, I had the opportunity to once again work on the show as Conan remotely filmed in Atlanta, Georgia for four days. With the filming just two hours from Greenville, I couldn’t resist signing on to help. Throughout the week the tasks were similar to before with errands running me throughout Atlanta, food orders, and assisting in rehearsal. Ah rehearsal—the favorite part of everyone’s day that works at Conan. As Conan rehearses his monologue and comedy sketches with the writers, the interns sit, stare, and absorb—so many personalities, so many quirks, and so much knowledge. And that’s when I’m reminded why I love being on the show, love being with those people, and love being able to take part in a unique culture. The work environment at Conan isn’t your Devil Wears Prada experience. It’s filled with people who are genuinely great. They work hard, love what they do, and are taking chances to pursue their dream careers.


 As my days dwindle as a college undergraduate and the real world begins to filter in, I am overcome with respect for these people. People that are willing to pursue goals and dreams once thought impossible. Barriers overcome, comfort zones eliminated, and pride swallowed. I continue to see these people all around me today- ourFitness Rebellion community, the DriVen Class, and even my friends here at BOF that work incredibly hard and passionately. And although I’m still working on the ever changing “life plan”, I can follow the cliché but true words of Thoreau’s Walden, “I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” 


Client: Brains on Fire Blog


Target Voice: I was tasked with sharing my experience working at Conan O'Brien's television show. I sought to connect the worlds of relational communications and television. And despite the Hollywood stereotype, it wasn't too hard to find the community within Conan. 




The quest to be a Renaissance man or woman has never been so accessible with the internet allowing us to google just about any “how to”. But the creators of Skillshare have taken it to the next level in a form of social media and education. Know how to make killer meatballs? Are you a whiz at graphic design? Skillshare gives you as an expert the opportunity to virtually teach others around the world. Students just sign up for particular classes and the teacher will get a percentage of the sign-up cost. Even better? The classes can be taught and taken from anywhere, at anytime. 


Skillshare’s goal is to redefine education in the digital realm. And in the age of the start-up and of the entrepreneur adding skills to your own set can be an invaluable tool. Still have questions on how it works? They’ve got your answers in the quest to be the next Michelangelo. 


Client:  Personal TumBlog


Target Voice: An informative and light series on innovative start-ups. 





Coca-Cola, My Coke Rewards


Comcast, xfinity Cable

One of the leading beverage companies in the world led a Twitter sweepstakes for their rewards program where consumers could enter to win a trip to Las Vegas on a private plan. In addition to the prize, the winner will receive a private concert for them and a group of friends. 


My task was to create a concise message that enveloped the energy of Las Vegas while conveying the potential prize opportunity. 


No rest for the wicked, Allie. Hop aboard the Party Plane to Sin City. 


It’s about that time. Don’t miss out on a trip to Vegas w/ My Coke Rewards. 


Ever had a party at 33,000 ft, first_name? There’s a first for everything. 


Ready for your first class seat on the Party Plane? Hop aboard. 


Vegas is the answer no matter the question-- Party Plane’s waiting. 


Viva Las Vegas! Enter for a trip aboard the Southwest Party Plane, Allie. 




One of the leading cable companies in the country wanted to spread awareness through Twitter about a new streaming service. The marketing initiative was targeted at millenials who had forgone traditional cable subscriptions for new streaming programs that offered more curated viewing options.


The copy written below was targeted to appeal to a test millenial group in Boston who would have familiarity with pop culture and leading television networks that would be offered in the new service.  


@handle Cut the cord w/ cable, Allie? We'd love for you to be our beta user for #XfinityStream. Interested? 


It's love , Allie. Our #XfinityStream + You = A whole lotta Game of Thrones. 


@handle No commitments, No contract. #XfinityStream seems almost too good to be true. 


@handle FOMO no mo', Allie! Our #XfinityStream will have you leading the pop culture pack: 


Ready for Fall TV, Allie? #XfinityStream has all the channels that you want to stay in & snuggle with. 


Have plans this weekend? Now you do. Check out our $15 #XfinityStream to add to your internet package. 




A southern based fast food chain released a new menu item for which they wanted to drive word of mouth on Twitter. Through messaging I used the brand's own playful and witty voice to target fast food lovers. 


Not to sound cheesy, Allie, but we think we could be very happy together. #ItsCheddarBoTime


New year, new you, Allie. And by “new you”, we mean you should try our new Cheddar Bo. #ItsCheddarBoTime


The Cheddar Bo is here, Allie. #ItsCheddarBoTime


It doesn't get betta' than chedda', Allie! #ItsCheddarBoTime


Don’t think, Allie. Just say yes. #ItsCheddarBoTime


Ready, Set, Cheddar Bo. #ItsCheddarBoTime


Easy, cheesy, beautiful. #ItsCheddarBoTime, Allie. 




Thanks for taking a look at my work! Below you'll find a mix of tweets, blog posts, and just plain ol' content. Some of the brand names have been replaced with an "XXX" in order to comply with privacy agreements.

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