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Maximizer, Futuristic, Significance, Consistency, Relator

You could say that I enjoy taking a good personality test every once and a while. Whether it's the Myers-Briggs, the Color Test or the latest magazine quiz, there's something interesting and revealing about them--the ability to pinpoint personal characteristics, verbalize strengths and weaknesses clearly, and even form community with those yielding similar results. Well, I've found the godfather of all personality tests in the Strengths Finder Book and a way to describe myself, my work, and my motivations. I maximize strengths, look to future and am forward thinking, see the important of feeling and giving significance to others, am steadfastly consistent in my work and personality, and relate to people from all backgrounds and passions. 

I believe that knowing these characteristics about me are knowing my capabilities. It is why I love to write, love to create, love to grow, and love people. 

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